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Elizabeth Baker lives in Jacksonville, NC with her husband, daughter, and pup. She is a PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and her main area of research is yoga in school settings and co-creating a socially just world.

Elizabeth also loves helping folks fall in love with and learn all about essential oils and teaches yoga. In her free time you can find her walking the beach, listening to local live music with her family, or sipping a glass of red wine.

IG: @elizabethbakeryoga // FB: @elizabeth.robb.14elizabethmbaker.com



Meredith Bergersen is a lover of Jesus & essential oils. She's a mama through the gift of adoption and loves raising her son on oils. Meredith finds it empowering to have the tools needed for the majority of our healthcare needs in her home and that they are SAFE for her little guy to explore & learn to use on himself. She is also a mama to an adorable French Bulldog who's favorite oil is Frankincense. Seriously. She too has been raised on oils and will come running anytime someone is using Frankincense in the house so she can get a lick too.

Meredith's family lives in SouthEastern Wisconsin and loves to play "up north" in Door County. Her soul is both energized and at peace when she is near water & she dreams of owning a beach/lake home soon.

If you're ready to chat more about oils OR adoption, Meredith would love to connect with you!

IG: @loveoilswithmeredith // FB: @loveoilswithmeredith




Jamie Bond is a full time traveling, homeschooling mom of two, connected wife and gypsy soul. She is a former flight attendant and the logistical coordinator of TheOilyTravelers, her family's unconventional journey.

Jamie is passionate about holistic natural alternatives, grassroots, and Dreaming BIG. She advocates for creating a life you LOVE even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

She believes we live in a beautiful time to be BOLD pursuit of your dreams.

TheOilyTravelers “inspired to keep the wheels spinning”

IG: @the_oily_travelers // FB: @InspiringUnconventional



Tatiana Cheremnykh is a certified Aromatherapist from Toronto, Canada. She started her EO journey about seven years ago. She went from an essential oil lover to an essential oil professional. She joined an accredited school and completed her practice. Along with her healthy life journey, Tatiana uses essential oils safely that benefit her body and mind, as well as the well-being of her family and friends. Interestingly, she had many professions in the past (teacher, social service worker, interpreter), but aromatherapy became her real passion! She always teaches her clients that aromatherapy is not a solution, but it a great gift of nature that can be and should be used along with other natural alternative methods of healing: homeopathy, herbal remedies, nutrition, physical activity, etc.

Tatiana is the mother of a super active boy, who is six years old now, and they are on the journey to welcome a new family member very soon. When the life of the women is changing so rapidly and won't be the same again, she believes essential oils help to make this transition simpler and smoother. She will definitely share her journey on Instagram with all of the tips and stories.

A couple of months ago, Tatiana opened UrbanMoMShop as part of her passion for natural, toxin-free skincare products. She has added new products and hopes to grow a community where people can learn about great DIYs, or if busy, they can order a great product.

IG: @the_urbanmom (EN) // IG: @the_torontomom (RS) // FB: @tcheremnykh

urbanmomaroma.com // etsy.com/ca/shop/UrbanMoMShopethmbaker.com


Letishia Creighton was born and raised on a property in Victoria, Australia. She loves being a mum, gardening, traveling, and creating. Letishia discovered the world of essential oils when she was young, enjoying all the beautiful individual aromas and uses. From learning how to kill her wart naturally, to enjoying how essential oils made her feel. Currently working in the financial industry for over ten years, her passion has always been focused on helping and supporting others. All whilst raising three strong, determined children as a single mother. As it goes, life became busy with the ups and downs and Letishia fell away from her beautiful essential oils.

Now living in far North Queensland, Australia, she came across a post in relation to a blend to help with hormonal teenagers (thank God for oils!) and her love for essential oils came flooding back. Supporting her through everyday life and also one of the hardest chapters in her life. And so, her support extended with her essential oils outside of her personal life Oil Obsessions Home and Body was born. With a focus on educating others on how pure essential oils can help support their families and homes too. From recipes for Low Tox Living to wellness and supporting their emotional needs. For the very first time, Letishia has opened up to her wider audience with this very personal chapter.

IG: @oilobsessionshomeandbody // FB: @oilobsessionshomeandbody

oilobsessionshomeandbody.com // mydoterra.com/oilobsessionshandb


Becca Durlin is often found jotting down ideas, lists or whatever else pops into her head when inspiration strikes you see, writing has always been something she has done but has really grown into a passion since starting her first blog post in 2010 after moving across the country with her family and again when she miscarried her first baby in 2014.

When not making notes of her latest ideas, Becca loves engaging with her Instagram community, getting creative with whatever supplies she has on hand, dancing in the kitchen while cooking, is forever rolling on her valor oil & sparingly soaking up the gorgeous Colorado sunshine where she lives with her husband & troupe of boys!

IG: @joyfuloilyhomes // IG: @beccalynneco



Kaili Ets is a wife, a mom of two, an entrepreneur, a digital course creator, a natural wellness junky, and an essential oils lover. Since having her first-born, Kristjan, she has developed a passion for all things baby, mama, and wellbeing related. She felt it was her responsibility to take care of this new person, give him the best nourishment, love, and best start to life. She has since been on a journey towards learning about the toxins in our everyday lives and moving towards more of a natural wellness lifestyle.

She has become the 'gatekeeper' of her home and family, carefully choosing which products she chooses to allow into their lives. She now shares passionately about her love of the natural life, toxin-free living while also helping moms be more confident in their baby/child's development & sleep, using a multitude of approaches and wellness tools. She is on a mission to reduce the overwhelm of motherhood, one mama at a time!

IG: @kailietswellness // FB: @kailietswellness



Bryn Huntpalmer is the founder of The Birth Hour podcast which has been featured as 'Top 50 Podcasts" by Time Magazine and has over 10 million downloads to date. She is passionate about helping women prepare for childbirth through the sharing of empowering and informative birth stories as well as her online evidence-based childbirth course called Know Your Options.

Bryn lives in Austin, TX with her husband, Richard, and their three kids. She discovered all of the benefits of using essential oils when she was pregnant with her third baby and immediately felt the need to share with the world! Connect with her on Instagram @brynessentials to follow her journey using essential oils and for other wellness tips or @thebirthhour for all of the birth-y info!

IG: @oakhouseessentials // IG: @thebirthhour // FB: @thebirthhour


Alicia Jackson was born in Tampa Fl, but raised and lives in Panama City Fl. She is an Apostolic “woke” Wife + Oily Mama to three beautiful boys and one baby girl on the way.

Alicia is a truth-seeker to the core and is constantly growing and pushing towards the mark of the highest calling. She is passionate about people and sharing the amazing benefits of plants how they can support and heal their bodies. She encourages a chemical-free lifestyle and loves to help uplift and educate people along their own journey to true wellness and in creating their own authentic happiness.

She loves the Lord and loves to express herself in home decor and modest fashion, Alicia pours into the people around her sharing love and light, all while she's most definitely throwing some shade at the Fdb, one drop at a time!

IG: @modernsondays // FB: @alicia.rosenbaum.10


Karla Springer was born and raised in Westminster, CO. She has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. She now lives with her husband and two cats in Windsor, CO, where she shares her time between teaching 5th grade and distributing Young Living Essential Oils.

Karla is passionate about sharing her love of toxin-free living and helping other people feel comfortable in their own skin. She spends time teaching her students social-emotional skills and has ambitions to write her own middle-grade novels.

IG: @charcoalandvalor

tinyurl.com/karlaspringer // oily.life/charcoalandvalor

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